Tuesday, August 04, 2009

MJ is a Ivorian Prince...sort of...

I shall rule you all when I return...

With more press on the King of Pop now than ever we are making sure we are keeping with the latest news, fact and fiction.

The latest to come out of the Land of the free and plastic is that Michael was rumored to have been laid to rest by an African tribe known as the Anyi. And why not indeed.

Michael reportedly visited the tribe from the Ivory Coast back in the early ‘90’s and they crowned him Prince Michael Amalaman Anohin (obviously they didn’t know he was already a King (of pop) back home). Although Michael didn’t release any albums under his new African name he was worshipped by the tribe who believed he had magic powers and would one day return and rule of over them (we believe that may have just been the Jesus Juice” talking).

According to them he had a DNA test done and found that he actually is a descendent of the tribe (in its self worrying as it means Jo Jackson may actually be a god as well).

Allegedly tribal leaders tried to have Michaels body released via the Ivorian American Embassy but unsurprisingly were turned down.

Not ones to give up they have stated that if the Americans or his family do allow them to bring his body back to their homeland they will do what needs to be done to lay the Prince (surely a demotion?) to rest.

They live in hope – and to be honest so do we.

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