Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Airbrushing illegal?

In the arms of The Madonna...mmm not so much...

(UK) Liberal Democrats are calling for the banning of “photo shopping” in magazines. From a stick think Kate Winslet to a rather busty Kiera Knightly airbrushing the stars has become so common place we don’t really notice any more.

The Lib Dems in an effort to build the self-esteem of young girls are now pushing for a ban on the art or at the very least disclosure on how and where the pictures have been altered or enhanced.

Citing the younger generations (and some older peeps lets not forget!) need to aspire to the stick thin and glossy look of many magazines, they point to the fact that the look is obviously unattainable due to the faked imagery.

We agree of course – but sometimes there is a need to hide the ageing and of course the hideous. We cite Madonna’s latest outing in Russia above as evidence.


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