Wednesday, January 28, 2009

HRH Chelsea no more...

Stamford Bridge and Potter break up...

It must be hard for an heiress to give up a shot of being Queen of England one day. I realize that Chelsea Davy would have had to kill William in order to make that happen but let’s face it if anyone had access to her boyfriends brother it was her. She could make it happen.

Or rather she could have.

It seems that girl named after an up market borough and the lad with ginger hair and army combats have gone their separate ways. It seems to me that this girl is incredibly bright or incredibly stupid. As the first option won’t give us much of a story here I am going to opt for the latter in this case. It makes it more interesting. According to the tabloids the main reason she went was the fact that she could no longer stand his wayward ways. Girls forever flirting with him and Harry quite happy to flirt, kiss etc. etc. back.

In a normal relationship this would obviously be unacceptable but when you a royal and in line for a comfy seat at Buckingham palace, should your girlfriend off your brother, its fine. It’s more than fine; in fact its damn well expected!

Royals are notorious for copping off with floozies at any opportunity and monogamy is not really a word in their hot potato vocabulary. This ginger apple didn’t fall far from his organically powered father after all.

It’s a fact of life and you deal with it. The payoff is that you get a title, a cozy life and something called a “winter palace” to stay when it snows. Everybody courtesy’s and bows and you get to cut great big ribbons off newly built old age homes. The food is alright, the in-laws a bit dotty but overall life is not too shabby. Yes your husband might put it about a bit but then you are expected to do the same.

To cry over this is would be very sad indeed. They are both young, both wealthy and at the end of the day both will be shagging the next option that comes along.

I think she is a bit stupid though – if you can remove the emotional betrayal (I am sure it would get easier as time goes by) the life of a royal seems to be quite unique. I say stick it out a bit, marry him and if it’s still not working then get divorced, grab a palace and shag the butler.

Wouldn’t be the first time.