Monday, May 04, 2009

When planes and pampers meet.

They meet and plan your quiet time...

Flew home from Jo’burg last night.  There are some significant flaying-parent changes I have picked up since becoming a father.

Although I was flying solo (wife and child at home) there were several people on board with their kids. I have flown previously and intensely hated sitting next to a child on a plane. Anything on a plane below the age of 3 will inevitably play up.

In 2008 BC (that’s Before Child) I would openly cringe and be irritable with said parents for even deeming to be on the same flight as me with the nappied ones. Kids were not made for flying. It’s a long and uncomfortable journey

even for those of us big enough to use the toilet on our own. But for small children it can be hell. To the uninitiated,  young children cant equalize their own ears. This results in an almost instant blocking and pain for the child after take-off, which results in the inevitable crying. It’s painful as an adult but at least we can deal with it; as a child…well you can only imagine.

However  ever since having a child of my own, my take on it is completely different. Whether I am accustomed to the crying now or realize that even when the baby is screaming the parents are doing their best to pacify them, I am more chilled and comfy with the idea of kids on a plane.  Trust me there are few folks in the world that want their child crying and disturbing other passengers. It’s embarrassing and stressful for the parents.  While you are saying “why are you not shutting that kid up?” under your breathe, said mum or dad is doing their best to do just that. Kids don’t come with an on off switch – it would be bliss if they did but they don’t.         

They women who I was sitting next too had a 15 month old boy on her lap. They plane was delayed for take-off by an hour and she was already apologizing to me for the soon to be released pent up frustration from “Klein Jan”.  But it didn’t bother me. For once I knew what was coming, that the parents were doing their best they could and that inevitably Klein Jan would do his best to make sure everyone was aware he wasn’t enjoying his time in row 15, seat C.

I did eventually move seats. Not because of the noise but rather to give KJ some more room to clamber about. But I didn’t get upset like I used too. I just smiled and knew I was helping his folks in the same way I hope someone would do for my wife and I when we travel.

And besides he had reason to complain. BA were as shocking as ever! How is it that internationally they are a dream to travel with and yet internally I would rather pass nails. Delayed by an hour at the start. Delayed at the end by 15 minutes while we waited for some local power to be connected. Maybe it’s ACSA or Comair who knows. The plane was badged with BA so I blame them.

I suspect so does Klein Jan. 

Friday, May 01, 2009

Pigs of Conspiracy?

The Jackson 5 fans turned out in their masses to get a glimpse...

I love conspiracy theories. Sometimes I don’t believe they are conspiracy but outright truths. On air yesterday EWN was reporting that in the majority of cases reported in Mexico, it is yet to be proven that it is actually “Swine Flu” that is causing deaths and illness there. The results are simply not back from the labs yet.

A mate of mine mailed me this morning with some interesting info below:

Hi buddy
This Swine Flu thing is getting out of control apparently. Do the research and you will find that the owners of Tamiflu the so called 'cure' predicted 531% sales growth in FY2009. It just so happens they made 330 million in the Q1 of 2005 from the 'Avian Flu' outbreak! And, to thicken the plot...Mr Rumsfeld, ex Us Sec of Defence is the Chairman of the company that owns the intellectual property rights to Tamiflu...


I am quite open to believing that this flu (now with a new name"the H1N1 virus" to make us fear it even more), is possibly just a scare tactic to make profits. It may exist and it may be deadly but what a perfect opportunity to make some cash.

I mean boy, who wouldn’t want to own a surgical mask making company right now?

BTW, Wasn’t Rumsfeld supposed to be still looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction somewhere? Maybe he found a new one in a new Desert just south of the States.

Does make you think.