Thursday, April 23, 2009

The twitter phenom.

Beware.It should come with a health warning

I have complicated my life insanely for 2009.

Studying a post grad at UCT Business school. Living the radio lifestyle, playing business-business, writing a movie and slotting in some Stand-up. Oh and wife, child, house hunting and all the other things that go with living.

So you would think I had pretty much filled up any spare space I may have had. But you would be wrong. So very, very, very wrong.

I have always maintained that I don’t have an addictive personality. I can say no easily when tempted (for the most part), however I think I might just have found my Achilles heel.

Twitter. I cannot stop.

I tweet all day. I check to see what Ashton is up to. Has Lily Allen hidden more tickets? Has Seth donned his thong? It’s insanity via a screen. I literally have to have every app that I can find for twitter downloaded on my Laptop, PC and phone so that I am never less than a second away from my updates. I have linked it up to FaceBook so I can share my “randoms” with anyone who will listen and people do! How much of a drug is that!

My wife now rolls her eyes at me the same way I do at kids who are self obsessed with Mix-it, when she sees my tapping away.

But I can’t stop though and I don’t want too either. I need to know what Stephen Fry is thinking. I live to know when Kim Kardashian is heading to the gym and if I don’t know where in the world Skinstad is I may as well be dead.

It cannot be legal because it is so damn good!

BTW the way you can find me here - yup I am that obsessed.