Friday, March 30, 2007

Online Headlines from today: 30th March 2007

Taken from various news sites across SA.

Madonna’s new clothing range at H & M sold out in a day!

I had no idea the market for ill fitting; badly colored leotards had such a demand! I take it Oxfam turned down the chance to stock these 45 years and up beauties….

Zuma Probe Extended To The UK.

Sounds painful JZ…you might want a doctor to take a look at that…get it lanced or something mate...

Mbeki may get a 57% pay rise.

It’s an inflation rate, linked increase of course…not our inflation rate… Zimbabwe’s.

Cover-up in collapse of tunnel

To be honest by the time it had collapsed, it sounded like everything had been covered up…next willl be "Cops unearth tunnel truths..." Be sensitive for crying out loud!

Bob Woolmer’s murder linked to al-Qaeda
You have to ask what isn’t these days…I just feel sorry for the West Indies…Bush must be eyeing them out like a hawk right now…soon the troops will be a’ coming…

Traffic License offices shut for a week
Will we notice a difference?

Breast feeding Vs. HIV

Umm…I will take the breast feeding if that’s okay?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Austria adds a new tourist destination and its “Effing great” say the Brits!

There are times when you can blame translation and use the phrase “oh really…we didn’t know!” but then there are those times when you just have to put your hands up and say “yeah okay we know but it gives us a quirky edge”.

Sadly for the residents of Fucking, Austria (ED: I don’t mean Fucking Austria! But rather the place…you know…Fucking…in Austria…), they are standing by their story that their domiciles name is of no interest to them and they just can’t understand what everybody else is getting so hot under the collar about.

So I give you the very non-funny (please don’t laugh we are almost German) Fucking In Austria…lovely place…lot’s of fun…

You have to admit though it does lend itself to some interesting conversations as a tourist…the following phrases can be used without batting an eyelid.

Can you direct me to the Fucking train station?

Is there a Fucking library here?

Can I buy a Fucking Postcard?

What is the fucking currency here?

Is there a large Fucking swinger’s community here?

What in the name of Fucking were you thinking?

It’s completely genuine too…there is a Fucking map!

The Fucking locals however are sticking to their story…they just don’t see the joke! Fucking Austrians….

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

“Partyman” for KFM afternoon drive

Seems the rumours are true....! At least now I will have something to talk about again!

Ah but working three hours a day...will our man handle it???



Changes to 94.5 Kfm’s weekday lineup, announced this week, include presenter Richard Hardiman being appointed to the weekday afternoon drive show (3pm – 6pm) and the partnership of Irma G and Guy McDonald on the Kfm Sundown slot every weekday (6pm – 10pm).

In addition, well known DJ Sam Roy moves into the Party Zone on Friday and Saturday nights (10pm - 2am) while Jeffrey Stevens takes up the 2am - 6am slot weekdays.“The appointments are part of Kfm’s ongoing goal to provide our listeners with the best in music and entertainment.

The new line-up also allows us to refresh the sound of the station,” explains Colleen Louw, station manager for 94.5 Kfm.Hardiman, also known as “Hardiman the Partyman” from his presentation of Kfm’s Party Zone, has been part of the Kfm family for several years and brings a wealth of experience to the afternoon drive slot. “Richard has a natural flair for radio and understands our brand intimately.

He is mature, has traveled extensively and is a consummate professional,” says Louw.Hardiman has also notched up experience in movie script writing and stand-up comedy and adds to his list of accomplishments his appearance as Mr July in Cosmopolitan magazine’s annual Sexiest SA Man Calendar in 2006.Irma G’s career in broadcasting began at Kfm in 1996.

She is a sought-after club DJ, often appearing behind the decks at some of Cape Town’s most popular clubs. McDonald’s broadcast career spans several years, including a stint at the London School of Radio, Film and Television. Together, they comprise a high-energy and dynamic duo who have already injected their fun personalities into the Sundowner show.

Sam Roy has been a DJ since his early teens and is a perfect fit for the Party Zone, which showcases the best collection of party hits every Friday and Saturday night, according to the radio station.