Thursday, February 07, 2008

These are the days of her life...

I have been watching the Britney thing go down recently. It’s funny how we all have an opinion on this girl, yet none of us know her. I cany help feeling sorry for her though – these idiots she has trailing her truly will be the death of her.

The woman cannot even drive around a normal suburb without been followed by a paparazzi pack of hounds. Flashing bulbs and intrusive video lenses through her car window…these money hungry fools pretending to be her friend and asking her how she is doing, all the while waiting for her to go ballistic so they can sell the pictures.

I can only equate our fascination to watching Formula One – while who wins is important, the crashes and possibility of death always makes the watching that more exiting. As the public we are partly to blame…we are after all voyeurs here and we all secretly, or not so secretly, enjoy seeing the suffering of others – especially when they were once high flying idols. Possibly it makes us feel better – we always knew they were no better than us after all.

Sadly though the more I watch the Britney saga unfold the more I feel sorry for this woman. There is no one there that she can trust – possible through a drug induced haze she is being led by people with ulterior motives; people on board for the ride on the gravy train that is Britney Express.

Will I stop speaking about her on air? Making jokes at her expense? I don’t know.

While she is in the public eye and I do feel sorry for her, something inside me feels she does know better than this – as drug induced as her life seems to be there has to be some semblance of trying to control things from her side – she still knows right from wrong but chooses not to act on it.

She is a grown woman with relatively few hardships in her life other than the ones she has brought unto herself. She is successful, talented and has two adorable kids…who screwed it up? Some guy taking snaps or the chick with the kids, the cash and the coke habit?