Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fight of the accordions’...or something...

Flight of the Choncords - above
shows only one in flight obviously - but they do both fly...

I know this has been spoken about before but reckon its worth revisiting! If you haven’t checked out “Flight of the Conchords” yet then you are missing out.

A mate of mine introduced me to the Kiwi duo a few years ago and I still think they are one of the most inspired comedy acts for years.

I love standup comedy but these guys just take the stage to a new level. If “Albie the Racist Dragon” and “Business Time” don’t get you laughing on a cold day like today I don’t know what will!

Actually it’s perfect “office” viewing. You know the type. You watch it at your desk. Laugh out loud and then everyone asks you what you’re watching and you say something to the effect of “hang on I will forward you the link”.

Before you know it you get up to go for coffee and someone in sales comes up to you and says “Hey! Have you checked out these guys Fight of the accordions’…?”

And you're like," Dude…firstly, “Flight of the Conchords” and secondly, who do you think discovered them?”

Take a deep breathe – this will happen but be that person today!

Business time:

Albie the racist dragon:

Enjoy and tell the guy in sales he is so 2008…;)


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